What type of Robot Coupe is Right For My Restaurant?

Author: Pete   Date Posted: 17 January 2017 

Its a daily occurence at the Hospitality Market where we are asked to quote or supply a Robot Coupe!

In the World of Robot Coupe there are so many variations for different purposes. The purpose of this article is to help customers identify which Robot Coupe machine is right for their business.

Robot Coupe Categories

Robot Coupe can be broken down into the following categories

  1. Robot Coupe Cutter-Mixers
  2. Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machines
  3. Robot Coupe Cutter mixer / Vege Prep
  4. Robot Coupe Blixers
  5. Robot Coup Stick Mixers
  6. Robot Coupe Juicers
  7. Robot Coupe Planetary Mixers

So what do these machine do?

1. Robot Coupe Cutter Mixers

These Machines are typical known as food processors. A robot Coupe Cutter mixer is a Heavy Duty commercial food processor supplied with an 'S' Blade used for Coarse or fine mincing, Sauces, emulsions, kneading, grinding, Herb chopping or spice grinding. The Robot Coupe Cutter mixer models have codes like R2, R3, R4, R4 V.V, R5, R5 V.V & R6.

The V.V desiganates that model as a Variable Speed model.

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2. Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machines

The Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machines are used to cut, slice, dice, grate and many more specialty cuts.

The Machines have 2 feed shutes, 1 large kidney shaped hopper for bigger vegetables such as cabbages and eggplants. ANd a smaller tube - like hopper for elongated vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots etc. There are over 50 discs available to chose from to customise the cut that you require. The Robot Coupe Vegetable Prep Machines use codes like CL50, CL50 Ultra, CL52, CL55.

The machines gradually become large in size and production capacity so knowing you required volume of preparation is important is getting the rmodel that is right for you.The most common size we sell would be the CL50

For a full range of Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machines Click Here

3. Robot Coupe Cutter mixer / Vege Prep

The Robot Coupe Cutter Mixer / Vege Prep machines are a hybrid machine between the Food Processor and the Vege Prep machine. These units are supplied with 1 motor and 2 heads, the first is the Food processor bowl with S blade and the second is the vege Pep machine attachement with Kidney shaped and Tube shaped hopper.

These heads are interchangeable offering the user the best of both worlds.

These machines have codes like R211XL, R301, R301 Ultra, R401 etc

For a full range of Robot Coupe Cutter Mixer / Vege Prep Machines Click Here

4. Robot Coupe Blixers

Typically used in Healthcare and institutions, A Robot Coupe Blixer is primarily used to vitamize or homogenise foods into puree's full of the original wholesome ingredients' nutrition. The Blixers will have codes such as Blixer 2, Blixer 3, Blixer 4, etc.

For a full range of Robot Coupe Blixers Click Here

5. Robot Coupe Stick Mixers

The range of stick mixers starts with the MINI Range- ideal for smaller capacities. Then the Robot Coupe CMP models offer a compact, easy to handle appliance designed to meet most catering needs. Then the Large MP range suits the bulk preparation and production kitchen use.

The Robot Coupe stick mixer range will have a size that caters to your budget and purpose. Avaliable in Variable speed and also have different attachements such as whisks.

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6. Robot Coupe Juicers

Robot Coupe Juicers are specifically designed for intensive use on a daily basis. The 1000 watt motor is powerful enough for nonstop juicing of fruits and vegetables. The best thing about the robot coupe juicer is that it is easy to clean.

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7. Robot Coupe Planetary Mixers

Robot Coupe Planetary mixers are easily identified by the Gold top. Designed to answer the needs of restaurants, bakeries and heathcare, they are well known for their build quality and durability.

Supplied in multiple bowls sizes and mixing capacities the Robot coupe Planetary mixers are designed for beating, whipping and kneading.

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The Hospitality Market stocks a wide range of Robot Coupe products instore so you can see and try the units to ensure suitability. If you would like a demo please contact us or drop in.

If you need more info on any of the Robot Coupe products we supply please contac tus on 07 5657 9970 or at info@hospitalitymarket.com.au


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