Opening a Pizza Shop?

Author: Pete from Aussie Pizza Supplies   Date Posted: 16 September 2016 

If you're thinking of opening a pizza shop, you're not alone. Pizza is one of those universal foods that not many people can go past, so you'll have an eager customer base (no matter where you put your store) and let's face it: when done properly, there are decent profits to be made.

IBIS World's recent report on Pizza Restaurants and Takeaways gave an interesting take on the industry, indicating strong growth in the Australian market, with revenues estimated to reach $3.7billion in 2016-2017. That's a sizeable market and with low costs of entry, the future looks bright for those keen to open their own store.

At Aussie Pizza Supplies we work with people right across Australia with diverse backgrounds looking to open a pizza shop. Some of our customers have been in the pizza game for years, others are old school foodies but have never done pizza before, while others still are completely new to owning a food business. We set up pizza kitchens in stand alone stores, in servo's and in mobile trailers. The sky's the limit.

Even so, the pizza game has its own special requirements, quirks and pitfalls. We've seen it all and unfortuanately we've seen way too many operators struggle with all the same issues, time and time again. That's what really sets us apart: our knowledge. Our staff are well placed to assist with getting new stores up and running. With more than 50 years collective expereince in the food service industry, there's little we haven't seen. So why not have a look through the Aussie Pizza Supplies website, sift through some of the great information there, check out our specialist products and when you're ready to get started, give us a call.

We're conveniently located inside The Hospitality Market at Sippy Downs, so if you're in the area make sure to stop by. You can inspect our full range of commercial pizza ovens and if you give us a call beforehand, we can set up any oven in our fully equipped demonstration kitchen so you can run your product through and know exactly what you're going to get before you buy.

Can't wait to see you at Aussie Pizza Supplies!